10 Day Meditation Retreat 2015

Monday 3rd to 14th August

The single goal of everything we do in our day to day life is just to stay   happy. So to reach that goal of happiness, there is a path, there is a science. This is the science of yoga. Yoga enables you to realise the destiny. “Kumar

The course offers full-time guidance from Dr. Kumar who teaches a clear, systematic method to explore the mind, based on the ancient teachings of  Yoga Darshana. His teaching is informed by his 35 years of experience and wide knowledge of the ancient texts and modern science. He draws on the teachings of Patanjali and Buddha and the Six Schools of Indian Philosophy.


Booking will close on June 2nd. We suggest booking early as there is high demand for this course and places are agreed on a first come basis.  Please contact us if you are interested in attending the course.


Park Place Pastoral Centre, Winchester Road, Waltham Chase, Fareham, Hampshire PO17 5HA


Set in 18 acres of beautiful and peaceful grounds, Park Place is a fine old Georgian house close to the Hampshire village of Wickham.


Monday 3rd August to Friday 14th August.

Please aim to arrive by the evening of the 2nd to settle in before the course starts on Monday morning. The course will end on the morning of Friday 14th. 

Experience Levels

Suitable for complete beginners as well as experienced meditators and/ or Hatha Yoga practitioners.

Residency Cost: 

Standard Shared Twin Room, shared bathroom: £550

Standard Single room, shared bathroom: £600

Single En-Suite: £670

Shared En Suite: £610 per person

This is charged at cost. It includes three high-quality vegetarian meals per day and ayurvedic herbal tea and refreshments.

Suggested Miminum Donation in Recognition of the Teaching: £510

 All Traditional Yoga courses are taught and run as an act of ‘seva‘, voluntary service and ‘dana‘, generosity. Your donation enables us to continue to run courses on this basis and to continue our charitable work in India. The course is guided full-time by Dr. Kumar for around 16 hours per day for the duration of the 10 days.


We have a limited number of bursary places available for those on a low income/unemployed/ students available on application. Please contact us  if you wish to apply. The deadline for applications is at 11pm on Friday 1st May. Applicants will be shortlisted and invited for an interview on Sat 9th May. Applicants will then be informed of the bursary committee’s decision by Friday 15th May.

Daily Schedule

The meditation is practiced in a group and guided by Dr. Kumar. Each meditation lasts around one hour and is followed by half an hour of relaxation and a herbal tea break before the next session begins. We begin early in the morning and practice our first meditation as the sun is rising. Chairs and meditation cushions are available.

After lunch there is a period for rest before the afternoon meditations begin. Before breakfast we have a gentle hatha yoga session to stretch and prepare the body for meditation. Before supper we practice a hatha yoga pranayama relaxation technique. After the evening meal Dr. Kumar gives a discourse clarifying the theory behind the meditation techniques, discussing the path and illustrating with stories, anecdotes and analogies, how we can apply these teachings to daily life.

Noble Silence

For the duration of the course all students maintain ‘noble silence’. The aim of this is to allow focus and awareness to stay within, rather than in the outside world. The silence allows us to sink into a deeply peaceful state of mind and most people find that being in silence comes vary naturally once the meditation begins.

Feedback from Previous Courses

“Kumar is one of the most generous, experienced, and loving people I have had a chance to meet in my life, and it was a privilege to study with him. Working together with him and a small and lovely group of people in ideal conditions was a real gift.”

“Kumar has been really significant for me. He has helped me to put the meaning of spirituality in perspective, allowing me to focus on the right path.”

“I went on my first 10-day workshop with Kumar as a complete beginner to yoga and little meditation experience. I now practice every day. The quality and clarity of the teaching is exemplary and focuses on individual needs, and the atmosphere is friendly and inviting. These retreats offer a really valuable opportunity to go deeply into this practice and to be guided at the very highest level. An opportunity not to be missed.”

“After Kumar taught me insight meditation, I experienced significant changes in my daily life. I feel less reactive, more clear and energetic. His skill as a teacher, his level of awareness, and his compassion creates an opportunity to undertake the challenging task of really removing old, habitual patterns.”

“With intelligence, compassion, and humor, Kumar guided me to deeper insight and an understanding of how to apply what I learned to my daily life in a very practical way. After my first course with Kumar, I was much calmer and happier. Now, after two years, this has intensified in a way I would not have imagined possible.”